Operating Your ROKON

How to Operate Your ROKON

When starting your ROKON, place the range selector in neutral. Stand on left hand side, put the front brake on with two fingers of your left hand, throttle closed, reach over the Rokon and pull the starter handle. For a cold start put the choke on. Once the engine turns over, set the choke off. Pull on the starter again and the vehicle will start. Engage the three-range selector in the desired gear range. Put the ball of the foot, rather than the instep on the footrest. Accelerate and ride. Use braking as necessary. Pre-plan your route before attempting to negotiate difficult terrain. Lean into the hill when climbing switch backs. Descend steep slopes at slow speed in low range. Apply rear brake pressure before front brake application.

Traversing a sloping surface requires you to properly position your weight to maintain proper balance. As you travel across or up a slope, lean your body in the uphill direction. It may be necessary to correct the steering when riding on loose surfaces by pointing the front wheel slightly uphill. When riding on slopes, be sure not to make sharp turns either up or down hill, which could cause a ROKON to turn over and cause the rider injury.

When riding downhill, shift your weight as far to the rear and uphill side as possible. Use low gear and engage the throttle slightly to allow the engine compression to provide braking. Whenever possible ride straight downhill. Turn into corners with the rear brake only, so as not to slide the front wheel and lose steering control.

The ROKON can be used to cross slow moving shallow water of up to a maximum of 24 inches in depth. Before entering the water, choose your path carefully. Enter where there is no sharp drop off, and avoid rocks or other obstacles which may be slippery or upset the ROKON. Drive slowly and carefully. Never change your course in the middle of a stream or you will find that slippery rocks and currents might throw you out of balance.

If the water is over 24” in depth, always float your machine across (hollow wheels only). Keep the air intake out of the water to avoid flooding the engine compartment.

Riding over rough terrain should be done with caution. Look out for obstacles which could cause damage to the ROKON or lead to an upset or an accident. Avoid jumping the ROKON, as loss of control and damage may result.

The real secret to riding perfection is throttle control. Remember that gradual acceleration will take you anywhere you desire with the proper gear selection. Your throttle is designed to retract upon release of the hand as a safety measure for the rider. Always grasp your throttle with ease, and never with full force.

The ROKON is designed with individual disc brakes on the front and rear gear boxes. The right hand front brake will stop both wheels through the gear train. When braking with the front brake, the machine should be in a “straight away” position. Hard braking, with a turned front wheel, can cause loss of steering which can result in loss of control. The left hand rear brake should be used more often for going down steep slopes.