The Shut Off Switch is black in color and is located on the left hand side of the handlebar. Pressing the “kill” switch will shut off the engine. This is a safety feature and will allow the operator to immediately shut off the engine in an emergency.

The Fuel Petcock located on the right hand side under the fuel tank shuts off fuel flow to the engine. The down position is for fuel flow. The up position shuts fuel off. Shut the fuel off when storing or transporting your ROKON.

Throttle. The engine is accelerated by twisting the throttle grip on the right hand side of the handlebar counterclockwise. The throttle grip is spring loaded and will automatically close the throttle and slow the engine when released.

Brakes. The ROKON Utility Vehicle is equipped with separate front and rear disc brakes. The left brake lever is for the rear brake. The right brake lever is for the front brake.

The Choke is used to start a cold engine and should be in the rearward position to choke. It is located on the right hand side of the engine. As soon as the engine starts, the choke should gradually be moved forward as the engine warms up. It should be left fully forward for regular operation.

Recoil Starter. Firmly grasp the handle and pull slightly until engagement can be felt. Then pull forcefully, being careful not to pull the rope all the way out. Return the starter rope gently.

Rider Seat Suspension. The seat suspension spring can be adjusted to suit the rider’s weight and riding conditions. Adjust the spring per load as follows: To increase the spring preload, turn the adjuster clockwise. To decrease the spring preload, turn the adjuster counterclockwise.

Transmission: The three range transmission is a ratio selector and when coupled with the automatic torque converter, gives the vehicle extremely broad capabilities, from steep climbing to normal transporting. The torque converter provides a large overlap of speed and torque between gears. This makes frequent gear changes unnecessary. Therefore, the transmission has not been designed to shift in motion. STOP THE VEHICLE BEFORE SHIFTING. Shift only at low idle or when the engine is off. Feel the gears into engagement, rocking the bike, if necessary, to synchronize the gears. The shift pattern is from inside out: 3-N-2-N-Low.

Automatic Torque Converter: The torque converter is designed especially for ROKON and provides smooth automatic clutching and ratio changing in response to throttle control and terrain requirements. The front drive pulley tends to shift into high as engine speed is increased. The rear driven pulley follows this speed change. If torque requirements increase, the cam in the torque-sensing rear pulley overrides the front pulley and forces a down shift without a loss of engine revs and power.