• 12 Feb 19
  • Posted by Rokon


ROKON motorcycles are no strangers to winter landscapes; in fact you will be hard pressed to find ANY two-wheeled vehicle that is as capable in the snow as our legendary 2x2 motorbike.

That’s why cross country ski clubs and fat tire mountain bike associations nationwide have been increasingly utilizing the ROKON as their primary means of trail grooming and maintenance. Not only does the narrow width of the machine allow access to the most remote sections of the winding trail systems, but its ability to tow heavy rollers or grooming sleds makes ROKON the perfect tool for the job. When it comes to snow riding though, it’s not all about work. Riders worldwide eagerly await that big winter snow storm so they can get out and sling some powder!

There are many reasons why the ROKON makes a great winter vehicle. Having two drive wheels means you can conquer snow covered terrain with ease, but the narrow and lightweight design means you can also go where no other snow machines can. The aluminum drum wheels found on the Trail-Breaker and Ranger are ideal for deep snow riding. Unlike spoked wheels, drum wheels have no open space for snow to collect and surround your hubs with ice. This prevents chain derailment and uncomfortable imbalance at higher speeds. And should you accidentally find yourself on a patch of thin ice, the buoyancy provided by the hollow drum wheels could save your life! There are diffent types of show and ice conditions and ROKON offers a variety of traction aides to help get you through all of them. For light coverings of snow on road surfaces or sheer ice, the Tire Stud Kit is ideal. These unique V shaped studs cut deep into the surface of ice or penetrate through snow cover to a road surface. The result is superior traction and controllability over hard snow pack or frozen water bodies. The drawback of the Tire Stud Kit is that its installation is irreversible, meaning they will either need to be used year round or should be installed on a dedicated set of snow tires. For riders looking for a less permanent solution for winter traction, the Tire Chains can be quickly installed or removed to adapt to changing terrain conditions. In addition to handling hard snow pack and ice with ease, the Tire Chains also help get you through deep snow drifts. ROKON’s Tire Chains install in minutes and are specifically designed to fit over the standard Maxxis 2.0 tire as well as the Titan 489XT. Deep or heavy wet snow is best tackled with the aggressive Grim Reaper radial tire. It’s thick and robust tread lugs displace lots of snow very rapidly so you can dig through the snow and get a grip on the ground. Serious winter riders combine the snow throwing paws of the GrimReaper with the razor sharp teeth of the Tire Stud Kit for an unstoppable combination that will take you through a wide variety of winter conditions.