• 25 Feb 20
  • Posted by Rokon
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Most Extreme All-Terrain Vehicles On The Planet

Rokon's Trail-Breaker was the only motorcycle to make Car Buzz's list of the Most Extreme All-Terrain Vehicles On The Planet!

"Rokon has been making heavy-duty off-road two-wheel drive motorbikes to sell since 1963, and the Trail-Breaker has been evolving since then. They're slow-speed bikes built for arduous terrain, and amongst the useful features are full-time front and rear-wheel drive, the ability to climb a 60% grade, a 14-inch ground clearance, and hollow drum wheels can provide floatation in mud, sand, or snow. According to Rokon, the list of organizations and people that have put the Trail-Breaker to good use includes the US Armed Forces, Forest Service, Fish and Game officers, big game hunters, trail builders, farmers, ranchers, and even treasure hunters."

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