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How much does shipping cost for a new Rokon?

Shipping for a new Rokon to locations in the continental United States costs $545. We will quote shipping outside the US.

How do I order?

Contact any dealer or if none are near you, order direct by calling 800-593-2369. Go to the Bikes and Gear Page and download the order form. You can call, fax (603-335-4400) or email ( your order.

Do Rokons really leave a track lighter than a man's foot print?

There are many variables involved in calculating ground contact pressure, including vehicle weight, load, attitude, and contact patch size, which depends on tire size, tire stiffness, tire pressure, soil condition, and others. We estimate the ground contact pressure of a Rokon with a rider weighing 200 lbs. is 4 psi. On foot, a person weighing 200 lbs. would have a ground contact pressure of 6 psi.

What can go wrong?

Not much. However sometimes fuel will run through the carburetor into the engine block due to a stuck carburetor float bowl. Remember to close the fuel shut off valve when not in use.

What are the key steps in maintaining my ROKON?

Clean, lubricate and adjust chain for proper pitch and ½ inch tension. Use a clean air and fuel filter. Inspect bolts before each ride and tighten as necessary per the owners manual.

How do I store my ROKON?

If you are putting your ROKON away for more than 4 weeks, shut off fuel to the carburetor and run the bike until it stops. Put fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank.

How do you ship a new Rokon?

After factory test and cleaning, a new Rokon is banded to a pallet, wrapped, boxed and shipped by common carrier. Shipments to the farthest points in the continental US take up to 6 business days. Upon receipt inspect for any damage and notate same on the bill of lading. Assembly consists of straightening and tightening the handlebars, reducing tire pressure, inserting a fuse, and adding oil to the crankcase and gas to the fuel tank. Follow the instructions on the back of the yellow card and in the manuals provided.

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