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ALICE Mounting Bracket (UAR)

  • For decades, the military has trusted the ALICE system (All-Purpose Lightweight Individal Carrying Equipment) for outfitting soldier's belts with multiple tools and pouches.
  • Using a series of belt locking clips, the system can attach a wide array of accessories such as magazine and radio pouches, canteens, entrenching toold, and first-aid kits.
  • Our ALICE Mounting Bracket allows for the installation of ANY 2 CLIP ALICE ACCESSORY onto the UAR Front or Rear Assemblies. 
  • Required to mount the Entrenching Tool on a UAR-equipped ROKON.
  • Compatible accessories with UAR include: Ammo CansTool HolderGun BootMachete Sheath
  • Learn more about how UAR works and compatible accessories HERE!

To order accessories or get more information please email or call us at 1-800-593-2369.

ALICE Mounting Bracket (UAR)



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